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  • You see yourself as vibrant and want the outside world to see you that way too.  As mature women, we need to have an edge to continue to be relevant in this world we live in. 
  • At 51 myself and with over 30 years experience, I understand how you define your goals.  I deeply understand your needs.  Also, I realize you deserve a trainer you can have confidence in. Furthermore, I understand what it takes for you to achieve your goals, because I am in the same season of life as you are.  I believe in your hopes, drams, fears, pains, desires.  
  • "Truthfully, When I hear the term "middle aged" I stop and think, 'Does that describe me?' While it does numerically, I feel as strong as I did in my 30's.  I don't lift heavy weights.  I am not a slave to the gym.   More importantly, you deserve  a healthier body and more optimistic outlook on life." ~ Joni Hyde
  • Don't compromise or waste your time.  Make this investment in yourself training with Author and expert Joni Hyde.
  • People will notice the change in your body and self-esteem and this will make them talk
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied, you have 30 days to request a full refund.  

In 30 days of Personal Training you can be well on your way to reclaiming the confidence you deserve. It's my privilege to work alongside a select group of women transforming their bodies. 

I know you can get your confidence back.   Email me if you would like a FREE consultation.  Currently, I have openings for 2 clients in the Spring and The Woodlands Texas areas.  


Workouts For Women's Transformations is For Me... If..

I'm Feeling Invisible

Confront Physical Well Being Head On.

Sadly, 48 per cent of women over 40 said they felt less confident about their appearance than they had a decade ago.  Too many said they felt invisible.  

Finally, it’s time to step away from whatever is holding you back and walk into the new story you create. 

We want to stay young and active. We want to stay relevant.  Keeping your body strong is key! 

I'm Tired of Exercise That Leaves Me Feeling Beat Up

Statistically, most mature woman are concerned about maintaining quality of life.  Unfortunately, many women have bad experiences at the gym or cross fit studio.  Pounding through a routine that leaves your body screaming "stop" has caused many to quit.  

Fortunately, it does not have to be this way.   Joni brings the workout to you in the form of non-impact  transformational routines.  The workouts include Barre, Pilates, Flexibility, Core work, and Stretching.  

Dealing with an injury herself, Joni can relate, empathize, and provide the correct modifications.  You can exercise safely and productively! Your progress is matters.   Wellness is critical.  Your happiness is paramount.  Without a doubt, a good exercise routine will enhance the overall quality of your life.  

I've Finally Realized the Importance of Strengthening My Core

If you’ve noticed an expanding waistline or are prone to back pain, you may already realize that your core is in a weakened state.

Sadly, many fitness professionals and fitness programs don’t stress the importance of a strong core as a part of a well-rounded fitness program, and the core muscles are often neglected altogether or improperly trained.

Joni explains, “The core (Transverse Abdominis) is your body’s natural corset. Not to mention, most physical activities depend on stable core muscles. Unfortunately, when I meet with women for the first time, most don’t know how to engage their core.  This is in spite of working with trainers or being active all their lives. The first thing I go over when I  meet with a new client is what it should feel like to engage her core. Once she makes that mind/body connection, her progress is quickly noticeable.”

Religiously, every client works on Core Strength, leading to better balance, improved posture, stability in sports and daily activities.  Not only that, but the visible by-products are smaller waistline and a more toned appearance.  Who can argue with that!  

People are Describing Me as an Older Woman

Improvements in body image increases sexual interest and satifacation of clients and their partners. 

I'm Over 40

As a 51 year woman myself, I realize how important it is to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.  

Honestly, here’s the deal ladies.  First, you must make a choice about how you are going to age. Hopefully, that choice involves placing your own wellbeing as a priority.

Remember how it felt to be confident, optimistic, and ambitious?  It’s time to do something that challenges you and gets your life back.  Wether you are divorced, widowed, single, happily or unhappily married, you deserve to look and feel your best!  Seriously, it's time to do something for yourself.  

As a matter of fact, when you start making positive changes, you'll start to feel confident again or maybe for the first time. Wether you are getting back in shape, getting in shape for the first time, if you are over 40 and looking for a top-tier Personal Trainer I'd like to provide you with a lasting solution.  

Time saving Personal Training in My Home sounds Great!

You need convenience, so I bring Personal Training to you.    Not only does it save you time, but also reduces your stress level.    I bring you over 30 years of experience and the highest level of competence.  Don't waste your time on anything less than best! 

You choose the location.  Most clients choose a judgment-free zone such as your home or facility.  I bring all the equipment each session.  


I'm Ready to Get Me Back

Are you tired of feeling yourself fading into the background?   Unfortunately, many mature woman experience cultural isolation. To put it another way, many viable women are becoming invisible.  

In fact, there are things you can do to look and feel stronger.  Prayer, healthy eating, proper rest, healthy relationships, and physical fitness are all things that need to be woven into our lives.  For this reason, I provide women with a physical fitness program in their home or office.  Honestly, I want to share the formula for looking and feeling stronger with other women of my age.  

An overwhelming majority of women over 40 are feeling bedeviled by sudden and significant diminishment of physical capabilities, energy, stamina, good health.  

I'm Pressed for Time, Eager for Efficiency, & Tired of Programs that Don't Work

I bring your personal training sessions and all the equipment you need to you to make your life easier and to save you time.  Approval, recognition, respect.  Natural instinct to leverage success and viability.  

Future Clients Start Here ...

To be sure, being the best version of yourself takes some effort and deliberate consistency.

However, the opposite is also true.  If you consistently let yourself slide, you’ll slowly become a version of yourself you never wanted to be.

With some determination, patience, and supportive guidance, you can make the second half of your life better than the first! 

  • Your routine will always be non-impact and include elements of Barre and Pilates using body weight, light weights, and other props.
  • Preserve your valuable time.  I bring all equipment to you!  Just grab your water bottle.  
  • Your active sessions will be approximately 35 - 40 minutes, including stretching.  
  • You will see measurable results in 30 days! 

Ready to take the first step toward your transformation?  Start here! 

Joni's Path of Perseverence

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I believe the difficult personal journey of my life has molded me into the type of person who truly cares of the well-being of others.  Combined with my 30 plus years of experience and research, I consistently deliver an exclusive personal training experience to the elite.  "I pledge to provide the finest personal service to each of my clients."  ~ Joni Hyde

Credibile Author & Expert

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Authored two books, published an exercise DVD, and featured/endorsed in many publications, Joni Hyde is an engaging expert in women's fitness for over 30 years!

Workouts For Women Circuit Training, By Joni Hyde 
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