post COVID-19 plans

Times  are  changing,  but  your  workout  routine does  not  have  to.  Here  is  our  plan  for  when  we  reopen  to  keep  you  safe,  our  studio  clean,  and  your  workouts  just  as  effective  as  ever.

Each member will receive her own personalized yoga mat to use at every class or private training session she attends.


Each member will receive her own labeled cubby to put her own workout props, which are supplied by the studio and included with our memberships.


Our class sizes are limited so our members have plenty of personal space. We also sanitize the barres and commonly touched surfaces in between every class.


Until we can reopen, we are offering our classes in live stream form, so you can workout at home!

The  deals  below  begin when  we  reopen  the  studio,  but  they also  include  immediate  access  to  all  of  our  online  live  stream  classes  so  you  can  get  started  now!


1 Month of Unlimited Classes


The Back on Track Pack:

  • One  Month  of  Classes  (Barre  &  Dance)
  • Two  Fit3d  Body  Composition  Scans
  • One  Month  of  the  Nutrition  Plan  &  Tracking  App
  • The one  month  will  not  begin  until  we  reopen  the  studio, but  there  is  INSTANT  ACCESS  TO  OUR  ONLINE  CLASS  VIDEO  LIBRARY  AND  LIVESTREAM  CLASSES


Private Training Bundle

  • Five  45-minute  private  training  sessions
  • Reserve  your  weekly  or  bi-weeky  time  slot  now
  • The sessions  will  not  begin  until  we  reopen  the  studio, but  this  package  includes  INSTANT  ACCESS  TO  OUR  ONLINE  CLASS  VIDEO  LIBRARY  AND  LIVESTREAM  CLASSES