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Dance Classes for Ages 2 & Up

Our recreational dance program offers a smaller class size, a fun and healthy atmosphere, and performance without competition. We have a unique environment for dancers of all ages and skill levels to perfect their technique, learn new things, and enjoy their time dancing.

As parents ourselves, we realize how important it is to feel comfortable with where you allow your child to learn. While offering our students a variety of performance opportunities, we choose to do so without the stressful audition process.

It is a paramount concern of ours to foster the joy of learning in our students, and we are delighted to see them grow in our non-threatening and stress free environment.  

Our 2018-2019 dance season begins August 27th

Registration is now OPEN!

Youth Dance Tuition Options

Per Class Tuition

Class LengthTuition per Month
30 Minutes$45
45 Minutes$55
60 Minutes$65

Unlimited Classes Package Options

PackageTuition per Month
Unlimited Dance Classes (One Student)$189
Unlimited Dance and Barre Classes (One Student)$249
Family* Unlimited Dance and Barre Classes$378

Additional Information

Multiple Class or Multiple Student Discount: Receive a 15% discount on more than one class per 'student or family'. * Whether your family is enrolling one child or multiple children, only one class will be full price. Each additional class is discounted 15%.  The 15% discount will be taken off the lesser price class(es).

Little Ballerina Princess Class: This class runs in 8-week sessions and follows it's own unique pricing structure. $150 per 8-week session (no registration fee).

Family*: Specifically refers to parents or siblings living in the same household and not extended family.

Classes We Offer

Ages 2-3

Tiny Tutus

An introduction to classical ballet using creative, imaginative role- playing and fun props. This class may involve pretending to be animals, playing instruments to learn rhythm, learning balance, skipping and running, and techniques, using costumes and ribbons to develop your child's hand-eye coordination.

  • Mondays @ 12:30-1pm
  • Wednesdays @ 4:30-5:00pm
  • Thursdays @ 11-11:30am

Ages 3-5

Dance Dolls

This class incorporates ballet, tap, and creative movement, working on developing fundamental skills in each discipline. Students will do some warm up movement, stretching, barre work, and progressions across the room (including skips, kicks, and basic turning skills).  Your student will also learn and practice a recital routine.

  • Mondays @ 10:30-11:15am
  • Tuesdays @ 4:15-5:00pm
  • Saturdays @ 11:45-12:30pm

Ages 3-5

Little Ballerina Princess

A unique 8-week class features a different princess every session (includes costume!) The music is fun and familiar and expands on the techniques taught to our youngest dancers. The 8-week session culminates in a parent performance. (This class follows it's own fee structure and practice/performance schedule)

  • Tuesdays @ 11:00-11:45am
  • Thursdays @ 4:45-5:30pm

Ages 5-7

Level I Ballet/Tap

In this class your child will be learning the classic ballet positions and terminology as well as basic tap skills in an imaginative way.

  • Tuesdays @ 5:55-6:40pm

Ages 5-11

Hip Hop

In this class students explore Hip-hop choreography, build on their sense of rhythm and gain the confidence to perform. Our classes feature age appropriate costuming and dancing to popular, clean music.

  • Mondays @ 4:15-5:00pm

Ages 5-11

Level I/II Junior Ballet

Students will move on to more advanced barre work including Développé, Rond de Jambe en l’air, Petit Battements. Centre work will introduce more involved Adagio, Pirouettes, Petit Allegro combinations and Grand Allegro combinations from the corner.

  • Tuesdays @ 5:05-5:50pm

Ages 5-11

Level I/II Junior Jazz

This joint level class is an introduction to jazz technique, progressions, and combinations following a variety of jazz dance methodologies.

  • Thursdays @ 6:30-7:15pm

Ages 7-11

Level II Junior Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Students will move to more advanced barre work as well as classical ballet center work. This class will also have students increase the length of tap combinations, adding new skills including shuffles, ball chains, cramprolls, buffalo, grapevines. Students will continue to learn elements of rhythmic and theatrical tap.

  • Wednesdays @ 5:15-6:15pm
  • Saturdays @ 10:30-11:30am

Ages 7 & Up

Performance Group Musical Theatre

This Musical Theatre Class will involve singing, dancing, and acting. Students will have the opportunity to perform at events in the community throughout the year.

  • Thursdays @ 5:30-6:15pm

Ages 12 & Up

Hip Hop

In this class students explore Hip-hop choreography, build on their sense of rhythm and gain the confidence to perform. Our classes feature age appropriate costuming and dancing to popular, clean music.

  • Mondays @ 5:05-5:50pm

Ages 12 & Up

Level III Senior Drill Skill

Students will prepare and develop traditional drill team technique, focusing on precision, presentation, flexibility, turns and leaps.

  • Mondays @ 5:55-6:40pm

Ages 12 & Up

Level III Senior Jazz/Lyrical

Students will work on skills including as Fan kicks, Pas de bourree into pirouette, Single turns, Grand jete, Sauté de chat, a variety of leaps and hops with one footed landing.

  • Wednesdays @ 6:20-7:20pm

Ages 12 & Up

Level III Senior Tap

Students learn and practice advanced combination movements such as Lindys, Maxie fords and Time steps.  Students will also learn the art of musicality, which means becoming attuned to the rhythm, melody and mood, of a song -- creating a connection between the music and the dancer.   

  • Tuesdays @ 6:45-7:30pm

FAQ's About Our Youth Dance Program

When do classes begin?

The 2018-2019 Session begins the week of August 27th.

What is the registration fee?

Our registration fee is $60 per student or $100 per family. Register on or before August 11th for your student to receive a complimentary t-shirt. (There is no registration fee for the LITTLE PRINCESS class)

When is tuition due?

The Fall/Spring Session is a 9 month program and tuition is divided into 9 equal payments. The first monthly installment will be processed on September 1st, 2018 and on the first of each month following, with final payment drafted on May 1st, 2019. This amount remains the same no matter how many classes there are in the month. Holiday months are not prorated. Mid-month registrations are not prorated. (Tuition payments do not apply to the LITTLE PRINCESS class.)

Is there a discount for multiple student families?

Multiple Class or Multiple Student Discount

Receive a 15% discount on more than one class per 'student or family'. * Whether your family is enrolling one child or multiple children, only one class will be full price. Each additional class is discounted

What if my student needs to withdraw from class?

If you wish to withdraw from classes at The Workout Barre, please notify the studio in writing before the 1st of the upcoming month to avoid tuition being charged. Any tuition, recital, or costume fees that have been paid are non-refundable.  

What is the studio refund policy?

Refunds will not be issued for missed classes due to cancellation or public holiday. When possible, we will endeavor to arrange make-up lessons for classes cancelled by The Workout Barre or will offer an alternative class. There are no refunds on registration, tuition, or costume and recital fees.

What is the studio makeup policy?

If your child misses a class, they may be able to take a make up class.  We cannot guarantee that a makeup class will be available.  Please speak with the front desk in person or at 832-761-0688 to arrange a time for you to attend a different class, if possible. The make up class may be with a different teacher. All make up classes must be taken within 15 days of the missed class, and they do not rollover to the following month. There will be no refund for classes missed.

When are the recitals? What are the recital fees?

Our Winter Recital is in December and Spring Recital is in June. Recital Fees are $60 per family and are divided into two payments of $30 and will be automatically charged to the card on file on recital fitting days. This fee is applied toward venue rental, insurance, programs, sets, props, and tech crews for sound and lights. This fee also includes tuition for the month of June classes and dress rehearsal.  Additionally, each family will receive 10 tickets per recital. Recital fee is non-refundable. 

What are the costume requirements?

Each class has unique costume requirements.  In an effort to keep cost down for our families, the class uniform leotard will be used as part of their recital costumes.  Each class will also have either a skirt or other costume piece to wear with their leotard, costing $20 or less (depending on the age group).  There will be one additional costume for most classes.  The cost will be $55 for children's sizes and $65 for adult sizes.   Costume charges will be divided into two payments and automatically charged to the card on file on recital fitting day.

How is the schedule adjusted for holidays and inclement weather?

The Workout Barre follows the same calendar as the Klein ISD. The studio will be closed on Labor Day, the week of Thanksgiving, the weeks of Christmas and New Years, Spring Break, and Memorial Day. If Klein ISD Schools close due to weather conditions, our studio will also close for the safety of our staff and students.

What is the studio dress code?

At The Workout Barre, we believe that wearing studio uniforms encourages discipline, diminishes economic and social barriers between students, increases a sense of belonging and school pride, and provides uniform options when our students may be invited to perform in the community.

Hair should always be pulled back for class, and the appropriate shoes (tap, ballet, or jazz) will be required.

Uniforms and shoes can be purchased on Fitting Day at a discount on August 11th and year-round in the TWB studio or at Studio to Street Boutique Website: 

When/what is Fitting Day?

Fitting Day is highly recommended (but not required). On Fitting Day, August 11th from 12-4pm, receive 15% off all uniform purchases + take advantage of tax free weekend!

What time should we arrive for class?

Please be courteous to your fellow classmates and the instructor by arriving 10 minutes early for class. On the day of your first class, please arrive 20 minutes early to complete paperwork that must be completed before your dancer can begin class.

Where can parents and siblings wait during class?

We ask that siblings are with the parent or guardian while in the studio.  We have a designated waiting room for parents and children who will be waiting during class. We look forward to meeting you!

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  • Students are not guaranteed a spot in class until the registration fee has been paid.
  • If you provide your credit card information in the registration form, we will charge the registration fee ($60 for one student or $100 for the family) and register your student(s) for their classes. No tuition is due until September 1st.
  • If you do not provide your credit card information, we will contact you via phone or email to receive payment for the registration fee.

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