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Proper form and understanding of basic modifications is key to getting results quickly and safely. 

A Personal Barre session  will optimize your opportunity to reach personal goals in the safest and most efficient manner, while giving you more confidence in class.

  • You will appreciate every moment of this 60-minute individual instruction as you learn to properly execute the fundamental movements and postures of Barre, in addition to learning practical and applicable exercise principles that will serve you the rest of your life.
  • Your instructor will guide you through a sensibly paced session, making sure you understand how to 'feel' the right muscle engagement, preparing you to get the most out of every class at The Workout Barre.
  • Any pre-existing injuries or conditions that require exercise modifications will be addressed and we will answer all your unique questions.

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60-Minute Personal Barre Session

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FAQ's About Personal Barre

What Will I Learn in My Personal Barre Session?

The Personal Barre Session is not a 'workout' but is a learning session designed for you to be educated on how to safely and effectively get the fastest results possible.  

Joni will teach you how to properly execute moves and how to incorporate the mind/body connection to correctly activate muscles for maximum benefits.  Joni explains, "Floating through the motions of a Barre class brings minimal results.  To realize the best possible results, clients need to understand how critical muscle engagement is.  When client's don't understand what this means and what it should feel like, they're short-changing themselves on results." 

Joni will teach you the fundamental movements, methodology, and proper postures, so you will get the most out of every class at The Workout Barre. She will also address injuries or conditions that require exercise modifications.


I'm on the Fence. Do I Need a Personal Barre Session or Should I Jump Right Into Class?

The Barre instructors at TWB Fitness and Dance are all hand-picked and thoroughly trained by Joni Hyde.  Additionally, each of them brings with them a wealth of extensive experience in fitness and/or dance.  

You will be coached and corrected during every class you take at TWB, so a Personal Barre session is not required, but is strongly recommended.   

Consider one Personal Barre Session if: 

  • You have previous or chronic injury
  • You have never taken a Barre class
  • You have neck, knee, or back issues
  • You have been sedentary for a long time
  • You want that extra boost of confidence being sure that 'you know' the what and the why's of Barre class from your first class moving forward. 

Joni adds, "Even though my instructors and I consistently 'remind' and 'correct' during class, many times it takes that one personal session with a client before she realizes some small but critical details she has been missing that would make her workout time so much more effective.  Whether it's Barre class or some other type of workout, the key principles a woman learns in a Personal Barre session are nuggets she can apply to any exercise program."  

I'd Like to Know More About Joni's Experience.

Joni Hyde began her fitness career in 1987 as a well credentialed fitness professional and by 1997 had developed a women's personal training website, authored two women's fitness manuals, produced and exercise DVD, and promoted several exercise products on the Home Shopping Network.  

In 2015, Joni opened The Workout Barre Fitness and Dance studio. 

Joni is currently working on 'Joni in the Studio', a video collection of local women sharing an area of expertise or sharing unique life experience that benefit other women.

How Should I Dress for My Personal Barre Session?

Please wear cropped or long pants that allow you to move easily.  Fitted yoga pants are recommended so Joni can observe your form and alignment, to provide correction when necessary.  A fitted top is recommended for the same reasons.  

We require *Grip Socks to be worn during classes and training sessions. For sanitary reasons, shoes or bare feet are not allowed in the Barre Studio.  Grip socks are available in the studio starting at $14.99.

Do I Need to Bring Anything With Me to My First Vist to the Studio?

We provide mats and exercise props, so the only thing you need to bring is water.  

For sanitary reasons, shoes or bare feet are not allowed in the Barre Studio.  Grip socks are available in the studio starting at $14.99.

Will I Need to Do More Than One Personal Barre Session?

Joni has designed The Personal Barre session so that in one hour you will be well equipped to progress and safely improve your fitness level.  Joni thoroughly covers everything you need to know in one session, so additional sessions are not necessary. 

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Elizabeth's Personal Barre Testimonial

Although most clients take one Personal Barre session, and then proceed to take group Barre classes... one client, Elizabeth (almost 80,) felt most comfortable working out in one-on-one sessions, and saw great progress. In this video she shares the benefits she has experienced and encourages women of her age to stay strong in order to maintain their independence and quality of life.