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Barre Class Formats

Unlike most Barre studios, TWB offers four class formats so you can cross train within one studio!  

Open Barre

Open Barre class is The Workout Barre’s benchmark class from which all other classes originate. 55-minute total body Ballet Barre workout that will tone, tighten, sculpt, burn fat, and promote flexibility. This class will work virtually every stabilizer muscle in your body especially the muscles that have been dormant for years, along with the larger muscle groups. There is a heavy focus on core strength, balance and flexibility. You will have a boost in confidence as you start to notice increased coordination, flexibility, muscle tone and strength as you sculpt your body. Truly one of the very best ways for a woman to change her body while being kind to herself. It never gets easier... you just get better. This class can be easily modified if you need more or less and is appropriate for all fitness levels. 

This class is also offered in an Express 45-minute format.

Core Barre

This 55-minute twist on Open Barre will take your lower body work to the floor with ankle weights, and will give you a little more Core work and focused Stretching along with Balance Challenges, and increased Flexibility. This class can be easily modified if you need more or less and is appropriate for all fitness levels. Props included in this class are the weighted ball, gliders, Pilates ball, and ankle weights.

This class is also offered in a Express 45-minute format.

Barre Defined

Experience 55 minutes of deep toning exercises at the Barre with resistance tubing and bands that provide extra opposition, producing a progressive challenge that will continue improving your muscle tone and strength. You’ll burn fat, lose inches, and tone up. 

This class is also offered in an Express 45-minute format.

High Intensity Open Barre

High Intensity Open Barre is a highly effective 55-minute class that alternates Open Barre sculpting segments for active recovery, with high intensity cardio sessions for maximum fat burning, heart conditioning, and body contouring.

HIOB is an incredibly effective way to attain the body composition and fitness results you want. Yes, it’s suitable for all levels, as TWB instructors guide you with modifications to keep your workout both challenging and appropriate for your fitness level. Expect rapid results with this high intensity non-impact class.  

This class is also offered in an Express 45-minute format.

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Try Your First Barre or Adult Dance Class

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First time visitors who live here in the Spring and Tomball area are invited to try your first Barre or Adult Dance class for only $5!  We are conveniently located near Champion Forest, Gleannloch Farms, & Memorial Northwest subdivisions.  Dance classes include Adult Ballet and Adult tap classes.  We offer  Barre Fitness classes as early as 5:30AM and as late as 7:35PM.

$89 New Client Special

One Month of Unlimited Barre Classes and Adult Dance

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New clients ages 12 & up, attend unlimited Barre Fitness & Adult Dance classes for 30 Days!  For best results attend 3 to 5 classes per week, combined with a sensible diet.

Never tried barre before? Optimize your opportunity to reach your personal goals with a 60-minute Personal Barre Session . ($65)

Barre Class Schedule

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FAQ's About Barre Class

What is Barre and what results can I expect?

Barre workouts focus on strengthening, stretching and aligning major muscle groups as well as the stabilizing muscles, which are generally not engaged with mainstream workouts and traditional weight training. This low-impact workout can be done by women of all ages and fitness levels, without any dance experience at all. Results to expect are an increase in balance, functional strength, physical grace, stamina, and significant changes in physique. A challenging 60-minute total body Barre workout will tone, tighten, sculpt, and burn fat. It never gets easier... you just get better. Utilizes props including the ballet barre, light weights, and a ball. Transform your body!

Can I take these classes if I am a beginner or have not exercised in a long time?

No dance experience is required to enjoy these beautiful class formats. All of our classes are low-impact and our instructors offer modifications. You can do this class even if you claim to be uncoordinated and it's appropriate for teens and for women into their 70's.

When can I expect to notice results?

Most clients see and feel results in as little as 10 classes. This will vary depending on how often you attend class, your lifestyle, and nutrition. Our technique of concentrated muscle fatigue followed by focused stretching maximizes your efforts and helps the body’s system work together in a strong, powerful way. Our instructors are always happy to speak with you about your goals and help you to achieve them in a healthy, balanced manner.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you should need to cancel a class reservation, please do so before the 1-hour window of class. At this time, the late cancellation fee is only assessed for the early morning classes (5:30am or 6:15am). If you need to cancel your reservation for the first class of the morning, the late cancellation policy requires that you cancel by 8PM the prior evening to avoid the $5 cancellation fee. Cancellations should be done online.

What do I need for class?

For Barre class you will need grip socks and water. We have both available for purchase in the studio. All of the props used in each of our class formats are provided for you in the studio.

Can I drop in for a class, or do I need a reservation?

We recommend making a reservation for class online since classes may fill to capacity. If a class shows full online, clients who arrive at the studio without a reservation will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

How many classes shoud I take per week?

As a sustainable approach to exercise, a good goal is 3-6 times a week. Variety produces the greatest results, so we do recommend that you take a variety of all of our Barre class formats. 

What are the age limitations for Barre classes?

Young ladies age 12 and up are welcome to our Barre classes.  Our age range of clients is broad.  We have clients into their late 70's who are loving the classes and experiencing life altering results.  

Is there childcare available?

Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult if they are going to wait in the lobby during class. There is a babysitter available for hire at The Workout Barre for the weekday morning classes during the summer. Arrangements must be made between the parent and babysitter 24 hours before class.

How important is my diet?

Diet is a critical component of sustainable health and weight control. Even the most consistent exercise regimen can easily be sabotaged by poor food choices. Moreover, the combination of exercise and proper eating is 450% more effective than exercise alone at keeping off those unwanted pounds.

Why are grip socks requried during Barre class?

Stability, balance, and total body alignment are best achieved with barefoot training. Grip socks provide stability, control, and ultimately a safer foundation for balance when exercising on our smooth surface. Grip socks also provide your feet with sanitary protection. Since regular socks are slippery on our studio floors, we do not allow them. Grip socks can be purchased at The Workout Barre Fitness and Dance. 

What is the dress code?

Please wear cropped or long pants that allow you to move easily. Fitted yoga pants or leggings are recommended so you and your instructor can observe your form and alignment, to provide correction when necessary. We also recommend a fitted top for the same reasons. We ask that you don't wear shorts or tops that expose the midriff.

You must wear grip socks. For sanitary reasons, shoes or bare feet are not allowed in the Barre studio. Grip socks are available in the studio starting at $14.99.

What is the late arrival policy?

First time visitors must arrive 15 minutes before your first class. 

For your safety and for the consideration of the instructor and other clients, we reserve the right to not allow late entry into any class in progress.  For this reason, we ask that clients arrive in enough time to be set up in class 5 minutes before class start time. 

If you are stuck in traffic, or running late, please call us.  We can't guarantee that you will be able to enter late, but we always do our best to accommodate unforeseen circumstances when possible.


"Excellent workouts, precise and difficult, but very enjoyable! My time at The Workout Barre is a highlight of my day! I've tried the Barre workouts and Power Pilates, and they are distinct enough to make real changes in my body. I've only been a member for a month, but see significant changes in my body and strength... Classes are small to medium-sized, so instructors have the ability to correct and encourage. Very impressed! Highly recommended."


"The Workout Barre is great! I've always been intimidated by gyms and workout classes, but this place is perfect. The place is small and spotless, the instructors are friendly and enthusiastic and offer modifications for all levels. I've seen women of all ages and sizes attending classes, and they are all friendly and welcoming to new people! The hour flies by, and at the end of class I feel tired and exhausted but accomplished."


"Love The Workout Barre. This really helped me to recuperate from knee surgery."


"Instructors are professional and fun; great combination! Also, I love the sunlight streaming through the windows."


"I love all of the classes! The instructors are great and care about everyone! It’s such a happy place to come and spend an hour each day."



"I have been coming to The Workout Barre for about 2 months. The changes I have seen in my strength and body are amazing. Having had back surgery two years ago, I wasn’t even sure if I could do barre. However, with the modifications, I have not only done it safely, but I also love it! Each teacher has taken the time to shown me proper form and how to modify."


"The classes are some of the most challenging core workouts I’ve ever experienced! I absolutely love it! Joni is a fabulous instructor; beyond knowledgeable and motivating. It is an excellent facility."


"I was looking to improve my health and found a workout that is fun and exciting! I love all of the instructors and appreciate everyone being so patient while I build up my strength and stamina."


"Fantastic!! Really appreciate Joni's attention to each of us assuring we have the correct position and then modifying when necessary. Always leave feeling better than when I arrived."


"I finally found the perfect workout that I never knew I wanted! Today was my first day ever and it was amazing. I could feel every area that was working and appreciated the instructors feedback on form...small changes made a huge difference. I look forward to improving my mental toughness and muscle tone again. So glad I found you guys!"


"I dreaded working out until my sister introduced me to The Workout Barre and now all I want to do is workout. Sometimes I even do two-a-days!! I do not have a favorite class because they are all fantastic. I have seen incredible results in my body. Theses classes really have shaped the way I look at health and body. I recommend The Workout Barre to everyone."


Let Us Show You The Workout Barre Difference!

First Time Visitors, Try Your first Barre or Adult Ballet or Adult Tap class for $5!
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