Really! No Shoes.

Unless you have a dance background, or take Yoga, or Pilates, you might find the concept of taking an exercise class or personal training without shoes to be odd. While shoe-less (or barefoot) training is not appropriate for all training disciplines, it is the optimal choice for Barre classes, which is the staple at The Workout Barre. The benefits of shoe-less training include incorporating many rarely used stabilizing muscles, core engagement, correct spinal alignment, and finally healthier arches…

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Why I Choose Non-Impact ― Why I Choose Barre

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The appeal of extreme exercise is stronger than ever!  The allure of achieving an extraordinary feat can be exciting.  Insanity, CrossFit, Boot Camps, and the like, offer an opportunity to experience a new self-discovery of potential, but at what cost?  Yes, you will get results, but again ask yourself at what potential cost? Having been…

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