Want to Know How to Get in Shape Without Dreading Exercise?

There are other options to keeping your body toned or regaining muscle tone you may have lost.   It doesn’t take beating your body up lifting super heavy weights or pounding your way through boot camp.  Although those types of exercise modalities are effective, they are not the only option.

Ladies, there is a better option for you!  Most of us who have spent more than a few decades being hard on our joints have some type of overuse injury that plagues us.  The younger ladies may not have the symptoms yet, but should take heed to preserve their joints for life!  If you are dreading the gym, and if boot camps or the like don’t appeal to you, Barre is the perfect alternative.

During Barre classes, non-impact body-weight exercises are used to tone the female physique in a gentle yet challenging and effective way! Also, many sports medicine related experts are recommending Barre after rehab.    Being a hybrid of Ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements, this workout can give you the results you want while being kind to your body. 

But not all Barre studios are created equal.  At The Workout Barre, we have a variety of Barre formats to keep your body challenged and changing and to give you the variety that is the spice of life!!! We don’t serve up ‘paperclip’ moves leaving your muscles craving to be worked through the entire range of motion.   We are not like a fast food joint where you get the same pre-made, packaged sandwich the same way, every time. No gimmicks, no scripts, just solid classes designed by Joni Hyde, who has been a thought leader in the fitness industry for over three decades and whose top-notch instructors are thoroughly trained.  
Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you!  We always show modifications so you can work at your level.  And it never gets easier… but you just get stronger.

If you haven’t tried the best barre in town, first-time local visitors can receive your first class free at The Workout Barre!
We’d love for you to be our guest!!!   We have several Barre formats to choose from, but our Open Barre format is the class design from which all the others stem.  Please come try an Open Barre class soon!  Don’t wait!  Now is the time to get started making the best version of you!

No… you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.  

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