Barre Can Help Prevent Scoliosis From Progressing

Hi all!

I’m 52 years old and strongly believe in the benefits of The Workout Barre! This is an X-ray of my back! I have severe scoliosis with over a 60 degree curve in my upper back. Most people comment “I never knew,” or “I can’t tell!” It is a true testament to barre exercises, which engage the core, promote strength, and flexibility. The Workout Barre focuses on maintaining a neutral spine and good posture in class and ALL day long! I have no doubt that barre exercises keep me strong, and mobile. I also believe it has kept me pain free and prevented my scoliosis from progressing. It is my goal to keep it that way! I hope to share the benefits of a barre workout with other women, demonstrating proper form and promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle! You have the power to stay strong! And The Workout Barre will help you meet your goals!

Brenda Wales
Dance and Barre Instructor at The Workout Barre