The Workout Barre Experience


The Workout Barre classes are designed to provide an incredible workout that transforms and maintains optimal fitness by combining elements of modern exercise, with Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, and sports science research. The classes are choreographed to upbeat music making them enjoyable and effective. Barre classes can take your strength and flexibility to a whole new level, no matter what your age or current fitness abilities.


Barre’s roots are traced back to the Lotte Berk Method, created in 1971. Lotte Berk, a Jewish dancer who fled Nazi Germany and relocated in London, collaborated with orthopedic physicians and combined Ballet training with rehabilitative therapy, creating an effective non-impact way to tone, lift, and sculpt, for a slimmer, stronger and healthier body.


Barre classes at The Workout Barre are 55-minutes in length (our Express classes are 45-minutes). Each class begins with exercises to warm-up the muscles preparing the body for concentrated deep muscle conditioning movements that recruit all the smaller stabilizing muscles, which lie dormant when using gym equipment to balance against, sit on, or lean on. The warm-up is followed by 10 to 15 minutes of upper body sculpting with light weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight. Next, exercises are done at the Barre, focusing on the core, seat, and legs. The last 10 minutes concentrates on core strengthening and stability, followed by a cool down and final stretch. Stretches are also sprinkled throughout the class to lengthen muscles as they are contracted during the Barre portion.


Our Barre classes combine elements of Ballet, Pilates, and Hatha yoga into an intense and effective hour-long mind-body workout. By using your own body weight as resistance and your own stability to balance you, with the assistance of the Barre, you will challenge and improve overall core strength and stability. Barre workout results give your entire body functional strength and muscle tone.


Our Barre classes non-impact yet are challenging enough to increase strength, build muscle, chisel inches, and increase balance and flexibility in a safe and effective way, unlike some extreme workouts which cause injuries, including micro-tears in ligaments and tendons that don’t surface until years after the injury happens.

Barre firms, lengthens, and shapes muscles, producing high rounded seats, shapely legs and thighs, defined torso, cinched waistline, sculpted arms, and defined shoulders.

You will feel the results in approximately 10 classes and after 20 you should start noticing some significant visual results. Many Barre regulars rave about the decreased pain in their back, joints, increased flexibility, decreased level of stress, and improved sleep.


The Workout Barre studio is a beautiful boutique atmosphere, with a large open space, floating cork flooring, and mirrored walls with attached/reinforced Ballet Barres. We have two personal training rooms for personal and small group training.