An Encouraging Non-Gym Atmosphere for Women and Girls

A community Fitness and Dance studio catering to women and girls, enhancing quality of health and life through non-impact Barre Fitness classes and a variety of Youth and Adult Dance classes.  

What We Offer...


Barre Fitness Classes

Be your personal best at any age or fitness level with our variety of non-impact Barre fitness classes.   Gain muscle tone, lose inches, strengthen your core, improve flexibility, increase balance, increase self-esteem, and decrease joint pain. Improve your quality of life with our non-impact classes and all-female group fitness atmosphere.

You'll enjoy being in a 'no-judgement zone', free from trendsetters, knowing you do fit in, feeling that sense of community with your peers.

Experience the leadership of some of the most experienced and caring instructors in the area. This is the perfect place to take a break and experience a great workout in a fun, supportive environment.  Get your quality of life back.  Results may be packaged in that little black dress ... if you wish.


Adult Dance Classes

Ballet, Tap, and Social Dancing engages the mind and body, improves posture, tones muscles, reduces body fat, and increases balance and coordination.

No matter what your age or fitness level, it's time to give up a sedentary lifestyle or re-ignite your passion for dance.  Overcome shyness and gain a sense of confidence in your own ability to execute movements to music, with the by-product of getting fit and shedding a few inches.


Youth Dance Classes

Where parents in Spring/Klein ISD area and Home School Parents can feel great about enrolling their daughters!
Our Youth Dance classes are taught by some of the most experienced instructors in the area.  Parents will feel confident that their youth is in an encouraging, wholesome, non-competitive, small group atmosphere.  She will have fun, stay active, and make friends, while loving and learning dance.

Girls and young ladies will improve their physical well-being and confidence as they are encouraged to be their very own best.  Our recitals and community performances are opportunities for students to showcase their achievements.

TWB Fitness and Dance is right for you if...

You're Looking for a Non-Gym Atmosphere

We understand you’re looking for a convenient and comfortable atmosphere to exercise or learn dance. Our all female environment is a judgment-free zone, where you will feel at home. The clean boutique environment is a haven for you during your exercise time. No exercise experience or dance experience is required. 

You Want to Exercise Without Risk of Hurting Yourself

All of our classes are low-impact and our instructors offer modifications for every fitness level.  Whether you are a young woman just beginning an exercise program, a mom who wants to get back into shape, a mature woman concerned about maintaining quality of life, or a  seasoned athlete ...  our classes are appropriate for you.  

And no... you don't need to be coordinated.  Our Barre classes are  appropriate for you if you are a teen or well into your 70's. 

You Realize the Importance of Strengthening Your Core

If you’ve noticed an expanding waistline or are prone to back pain, you may already realize that your core is in a weakened state.

Sadly, many fitness professionals and fitness programs don’t stress the importance of a strong core as a part of a well-rounded fitness program, and the core muscles are often neglected altogether or improperly trained.

Joni explains, “The core (Transverse Abdominis) is your body’s natural corset. Most physical activities depend on stable core muscles. Unfortunately, when I meet with women for the first time, most don’t know how to engage their core, in spite of working with trainers or being active all their lives. The first thing we go over when a new client comes into my studio is what it should feel like to engage their core. Once they make that mind/body connection, their progress is quickly noticeable.”

At TWB our instructors stress the importance of core exercises in every class, leading to better balance, improved posture, stability in sports and daily activities, a smaller waistline, and a more toned appearance.

You're Looking for a Stress Free Supportive Atmosphere for Your Girl to Take Youth Dance Lessons

As parents ourselves, we realize how important it is to feel comfortable with where you allow your child to learn.  The Workout Barre Fitness and Dance Studio makes it a priority to keep our classes inclusive without the pressure of competition.

While offering our students a variety of performance opportunities, we choose to do so without the stressful audition process. It is a paramount concern of ours to foster the joy of learning in our students, and we are delighted to see them grow in our non-threatening and stress free environment.  

You Want Your Dance Student to Experience Technical Training in an Enjoyable Format

The cornerstone of dance is the technical element. In order to progress and grow as a performer, a dancer must have a solid foundation of dance fundamental skills and knowledge.

The Workout Barre Fitness and Dance teaches students of all ages and abilities the correct body placement and terminology of each dance discipline. While keeping the training fun and enjoyable, we want our students to move through our program with the tools to be successful.

You're Turned Off By the Trendy Studios

When a woman calls the studio, we are often asked, “Are you different than that trendy studio down the street? I wasn’t comfortable there… I felt I didn’t fit in.”

We completely understand what you are saying. Once you step foot into TWB you will realize you have entered a haven of kindness, a boutique atmosphere with exceedingly attentive service and a thoughtful staff who truly cares about you as an individual.

Not only that, but we are blessed with clientele who sincerely care about each other and who encourage each other in class. At TWB you will feel as special as you really are, without the pressure to look a certain way, to wear a particular brand of workout wear, or to pretend you are someone you are not.

You are a perfect version of you and TWB will be blessed to serve you!

Let Us Show You The Workout Barre Difference!

First Time Visitors, Try Your first Barre or Adult Ballet or Adult Tap class for $5!
* Offer for Local Residents Only