Genuine Recommendations 
From The Workout Barre Clients

"Great facility, classes, and instruction! Classes available for all skill levels. Very sweet and personable instructors. Very welcoming."

-Jennifer (Facebook review)


"Great class! I've never done a barre class and I'm not quite flexible or in shape, but I had no problem jumping in and finding my own pace. I can't wait to try it again."

-Chasity (Facebook review)


"The Workout Barre is great! I've always been intimidated by gyms and workout classes, but this place is perfect. The place is small and spotless, the instructors are friendly and enthusiastic and offer modifications for all levels. I've seen women of all ages and sizes attending classes, and they are all friendly and welcoming to new people! The hour flies by, and at the end of class I feel tired and exhausted but accomplished."

-Paulette (Facebook review)

"The best team of trainers! Low impact and highly effective. This totally body workout will whip you into shape! Love The Workout Barre"

-Dana (Yelp review)


"I am really enjoying the Workout Barre. The staff is wonderful, passionate and very sweet. The facility is fun, clean, and inviting. I love the barre and pilates workouts. They are something completely different than my usual exercise/training regimens. These non-impact workouts are a great compliment to my impact workouts with my running. I've noticed improvements already after only 3 weeks and I look forward many more. I highly recommend trying barre!"

-Jami (Facebook review)

"Excellent workouts, precise and difficult, but very enjoyable! My time at The Workout Barre is a highlight of my day! I've tried the Barre workouts and Power Pilates, and they are distinct enough to make real changes in my body. I've only been a member for a month, but see significant changes in my body and strength. Joni and Kara each bring their own style to their instruction, keeping the workouts fresh. Classes are small to medium-sized, so instructors have the ability to correct and encourage. Very impressed! Highly recommended."

-Dawn (Yelp review)


"What a workout! Just took my first class (Open Barre) from Kara, and even though I'm so out of shape I was still able to do some of the workout, enough to keep my heart rate up and give me a thorough workout!"

-Amy (Facebook review) 

"Finally a place where I can truly workout my quads and hamstrings! After 2 knee surgeries I cannot do squats anymore, and now I don't have too. I'm in my second month and I can't wait for class, it goes by so fast! They emphasize little movements, large results! They are so right. Kara and Fene are truly gifted! They can work you to that wonderful burn but not hurt my knees! They also give me plenty of modifications if I can't do what is happening! 

I truly love this place and have found a home! The fact that it is only women is just icing on the cake! Please give it a try! Hope to see you there!"

-Karri (Facebook review)


"Love the Workout Barre and the wonderful instructors. I was very nervous about taking a class as I had no ballet experience. It is not at all a prerequisite! Joni gently guides even a novice like me through the exercises. The results are amazing. I highly recommend trying a few classes!"

-Beth (Yelp review)


"I love the workouts and the instructors!! Real results!"

-Casey (Facebook review)
"The classes at The Workout Barre give you the most well rounded balance of strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance, and the instructors and the other ladies in the class make it so much fun. I highly recommend giving The Workout Barre a try. Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced exerciser, ladies of all fitness levels will find the workouts challenging, enjoyable, and well worth the effort."

-Sara (Facebook Review)


"Constant and specific instruction and reminders helped me tremendously. Excited to be connected to this place!"

-Beth (MB class review)


"Fantastic!! Really appreciate Joni's attention to each of us assuring we have the correct position and then modifying when necessary. Always leave feeling better than when I arrived."

-Pegi (MB class review)

"I finally found the perfect workout that I never knew I wanted! Today was my first day ever and it was amazing. I could feel every area that was working and appreciated the instructors feedback on form...small changes made a huge difference. I look forward to improving my mental toughness and muscle tone again. So glad I found you guys!"

-Monica (MB class review)

"Just finished my 3rd month at the Workout Barre and renewed my membership - I love it! The instructors are great... always enthusiastic, challenging your strength, and  truly caring about proper form. I love feeling sore, which is often. :) The Workout Barre is a place that can change your body and renew your motivation to be healthy!"

-Angie (Facebook review)


"The Workout Barre is an amazing place and the personal attention given by each of the trainers is exceptional. They make sure that you are getting the maximum benefits from all the different workouts they offer. The results are outstanding. I would highly recommend!!!"

-Linda (Yelp review)


Unused Content:
If you dread going to the gym, and if boot camps or the like don’t appeal to you, The Workout Barre is the perfect alternative.
No… you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! 
A hybrid of Ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements,
these classes will give you the results you want while being kind to your body.

Click to hear more about what sets The Workout Barre apart from other studios.