Pricing Options


New Client - One Month of Unlimited Classes  

These pricing options will give our brand new clients the opportunity to try a variety of our classes.  
Enjoy the benefit of attending unlimited classes (trying all class types and instructors) over a 30-day period at The Workout Barre.
We recommend 3 to 5 classes a week for best results.

New Client – One Month of Unlimited Classes


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New Client - One Month Unlimited  + 1 Personal Barre Session

Receive the same unlimited classes package plus a Personal Barre Session. This session will set you up for success. You will appreciate every moment of this 60 minutes individual instruction learning the fundamental movements, methodology, and postures of our signature Open Barre class. We will also address any limitations /injuries you have, and we will teach you suitable modifications.


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Unlimited Class Memberships

Most Popular: $149 per month / 12 month auto pay

Autopay Options

Options Price per Month Cost per Class:
Cost per Class:
Cost per Class:
Cost per Class:


Most Popular!
12 Months: Unlimited
Classes Autopay






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6 Months: Unlimited
Classes Autopay






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1 Month: Unlimited
Classes Autopay






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Paid In Full Options



Cost per Month:


12 Month Membership

$1669  $139.08/month

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6 Month Membership

 $989  $164.83/month

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Limited Class Memberships - 2 Visits Per Week
*Barre on a Budget!* - $119 per month (see chart below)

Perfect for the client who knows she can only make it to two (2) classes per week. This totals nine (9) classes per billing cycle.
BRIGHT IDEA: Add on a 10-Pack A La Carte package so you can add in an extra class to your week when your schedule allows.

Can I suspend my membership if necessary?

Option Price per Month Cost per Class:
2x/week - 9x/month

Barre on a Budget

12 Months Autopay:
2 Classes per Week

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Barre on a Budget

6 Months Autopay:
2 Classes per Week

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A La Carte Packs

Just visiting? Or does your schedule restrict you from consistently taking at least two classes a week?


Package Options


Price per Class  

Single Class 


$25 per Class

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5 Class Pack


$23 per Class

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10 Class Pack


$22 per Class

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Teen & Me ~ A La Carte Packs

Reduced Price Classes for your teen (age 12 - 17) to attend with you.  Teens must be accompanied by parent. 


Package Options


Price per Class  

2 Teen Class Passes


$14.50 per Class

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30 Teen Class Passes


$11.97 per Class

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Can I suspend my membership? 
Yes! Because we understand that life happens, we want to give you peace of mind. You may freeze (suspend) your 12-month membership for up to 30 days, three times, for a fee of $25 per freeze. You may freeze your 6-month membership 1 time for up to 30 days for a fee of $25. Just contact the studio in writing, with dates of freeze request. Following the end of the requested freeze period, auto-renew charges will automatically be reactivated.


Unused Content:
If you dread going to the gym, and if boot camps or the like don’t appeal to you, The Workout Barre is the perfect alternative.
No… you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! 
A hybrid of Ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements,
these classes will give you the results you want while being kind to your body.

Click to hear more about what sets The Workout Barre apart from other studios.