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Local Entrepreneur Overcomes Adversity and Revises Fitness Philosophy & Methods in the Process - 3/31/16

In 1997, Joni Hyde, a Homeschool Mom, made her name revolutionizing the way fitness was done as a pioneer of online personal training based on her proprietary Circuit Training programs. Her rising brand, Workouts For Women, Inc., was quickly noticed by publications including Shape Magazine, Fit Magazine, and numerous others.

Within the next few years, Joni authored two books published by Hatherleigh Press. Good Times, Inc. hired her as a celebrity spokesperson and presenter for the Simple Shaper on the Home Shopping Network. Continuing to stay ahead of the curve, Joni produced Workouts For Women Circuit Training DVD, using her revolutionary software design offering multiple routines on one DVD, with the ability to individualize the workout duration.  

In July 2008, at the height of growth for Workouts For Women, unexpected tragedies were endured by Joni and her then 8-year old daughter. First the unexpected death of her husband, followed by the death of her mother the day after his funeral. In that same week,, which was the essence of her company with over 10 years invested, was irreparably hacked. The course of Joni’s life was completeley redefined in a matter of a week.  

The following months, Joni dealt with the closure of her late husband's construction company, and the forced sale of their home. “Due to my faith those apparently devastating tragedies and pain that accompanied, became surmountable difficulties that shaped mine and my daughter’s future,  explains Joni. 

“Looking back, now I more clearly see God’s hand in all of this. The setbacks and what I perceived as delays in the growth of Workouts For Women, were simply an orchestrated redirection of my path.  The forced changes I had to make through these life circumstances also halted the growth of my company, but soon after propelled me forward in a direction I might have never planned," Joni said. 

Like many fitness professionals, Joni had been enduring chronic injury. “During the period of grieving, my purpose and focus was altered in every aspect of my life, including my philosophies on exercise,” explains Joni, “so I decided to search for answers by scouring research. I realized that all the jumping and pounding that were shaping our physiques were also destroying our bodies the process. I realized it was important to adjust my training philosophy for myself and my clients,” Joni explained. 

“Exercise philosophies are evolving. I realized, as I began to search for answers that there were clear reasons why many fitness professionals are inflicted with similar types of chronic injury. I found in most cases mainstream workouts were not providing critical components of fitness such as balance, stability, flexibility, and posture. This knowledge immediately redirected my attention.”

Joni completely shifted her focus to two specific approaches to exercise: non-impact exercise and exercise that prevented injury by promoting stability. Joni focused in on Barre and Mat Pilates – exercise formats that Joni labels “intelligent exercise” since these disciplines both are non-impact, promote stability, and require a high level of mental focus. “My clients are encouraged to fully engage themselves in the awareness of how they are training. I believe that women benefit more completely when they focus on feeling good from the inside out and not the outside in,” said Joni.  

Joni, approaching age 50, expresses her concern over the resurgence of high intensity exercise; more recently coined “extreme exercise”. “I understand the appeal of extreme exercise because the allure of achieving an extraordinary feat can be exciting, but at what cost?”


National Fitness Expert Opens Boutique Fitness Studio in Spring - 3/31/16

Spring, TX - In an era when most businesses are expanding form brick and mortar to the Internet, national fitness expert, author, and President of Workouts For Women, Inc, Joni Hyde, has done the opposite. Moving away from decades of a strong online presence, in October 2015, Joni opened The Workout Barre, in Spring, Texas.

Breaking away from impersonal franchises, Joni chose to retain private ownership. Her comfortable boutique studio offers a warm upscale environment, and a team that is clearly dedicated and invested in client success. Joni says, “I believe in the positive effects of camaraderie, so my staff and I work hard to create a community that is friendly, encouraging, and inviting to all women, regardless of their current fitness level.

Although Barre has been around for decades, it’s popularity in the United States began within the last decade. Barre’s roots are traced back to Lotte Berk, a dancer who fled Germany in the late 1930’s. Berk collaborated with orthopedic physicians after she experienced significant back injury. Together, they combined her Ballet training with rehabilitative therapy, creating an effective non-impact method designed to sculpt a slimmer, stronger, and healthier body. It’s upon this approach that The Workout Barre was founded.

Joni explains, “Unlike relying upon exercise machines or Pilates Reformers to balance against, sit on, or lean on, with Barre, your body utilizes stabilizing muscles, which are often dormant. As a result, superior muscular endurance, balance, core stability, and a sculpted look are achieved. I designed our Barre classes to awaken those rarely used muscles in a challenging non-impact way that is safe on your joints.”

Virtually anyone can participate in the class. You don’t need any dance experience or superior coordination. “We see clients of all ages, the overweight, post–injury, the very fit, and pregnant women.

“Expect the class to be more of a semi-personal training experience, rather than a typical group fitness class with an instructor working out with you. My instructors are constantly offering modifications or checking and correcting form, with a hands on approach. We make sure you are moving safely and effectively,” explains Joni.

The classes offer a unique integration of isometrics with its muscle shaping benefits, dance conditioning with its body elongating principles, and an emphasis on safety. Light hand weights, a small ball, and a mat are provided. Class begins with a five-minute warm up, followed by ten-minutes of upper body sculpting. Next, thirty-minutes of concentrated deep muscle conditioning exercises are done at the Barre, working targeted muscles to exhaustion, focusing on the core, hips, thighs, gluts, and calves. Stretches are integrated to lengthen muscles as they are contracted during the Barre portion. The last 15-minutes concentrates on core strengthening followed by a final cool down.

Joni adds, “The classes incorporate the mind-body connection in order to focus on targeted areas of the body. The concentration required during class not only yields physical results but also mental results. The distractions of the day’s agenda are blocked out for the hour, allowing clients to to reap the stress-relieving benefits of the mind-body connection.”

Joni understands that women don’t want to push themselves until they drop or feel completely spent when they finish their workout. Instead, they want to feel mentally and physically challenged during class, and then walk out feeling energized and refreshed to get through the day feeling their absolute best. “That’s The Workout Barre effect,” says Joni. “Just ask our clients.”

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If you dread going to the gym, and if boot camps or the like don’t appeal to you, The Workout Barre is the perfect alternative.
No… you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! 
A hybrid of Ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements,
these classes will give you the results you want while being kind to your body.

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