Personal Barre Session

The most valuable Barre investment you can make for yourself!

Proper form and understanding of basic modifications for injuries is key to getting results quickly and safely. Let us set you up for success! This session will optimize your opportunity to reach your personal goals in the safest and most efficient manner, while bringing you more personal satisfaction from each Barre class that you take at The Workout Barre. 1) You will appreciate every moment of this 60 minutes individual instruction at which time you will learn the fundamental movements, methodology, and postures of our signature Open Barre class. 2) We’ll take you through a sensibly paced session where you will gain an understanding of how to 'feel' the right posture so you can get the most out of every class at The Workout Barre. 3) We will address injuries or conditions that require exercise modifications.

One Personal Barre Session


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Unused Content:
If you dread going to the gym, and if boot camps or the like don’t appeal to you, The Workout Barre is the perfect alternative.
No… you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! 
A hybrid of Ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements,
these classes will give you the results you want while being kind to your body.

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