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Managing client expectations is the single most important aspect to maintaining a healthy & rewarding relationship with our clientele.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Barre? 

Barre workouts focus on strengthening, stretching and aligning major muscle groups as well as the stabilizing muscles, which are generally not engaged with mainstream workouts and traditional weight training. This low-impact workout can be done by women of all ages and fitness levels, without any dance experience at all.   Results to expect are an increase in balance, functional strength,  physical grace, stamina, and significant changes in physique. A challenging 60-minute total body Barre workout will tone, tighten, sculpt, and burn fat.  It never gets easier... you just get better. Utilizes props including the ballet barre, light weights, and a ball. Transform your body!


Can I take these classes if I am a beginner or have not exercised in a long time?

No dance experience is required to enjoy these beautiful class formats.  All of our classes are low-impact and our instructors offer modifications.  You can do this class even if you claim to be uncoordinated and it's appropriate for teens and for women into their 70's. 


What results can I expect to see and when?

Most clients see and feel results in as little as 10 classes. This will vary depending on how often you attend class, your lifestyle, and nutrition. Our technique of concentrated muscle fatigue followed by focused stretching maximizes your efforts and helps the body’s system work together in a strong, powerful way. Our instructors are always happy to speak with you about your goals and help you to achieve them in a healthy, balanced manner.


How many classes a week should I take?

As a sustainable approach to exercise, a good goal is 3-6 times a week.  Variety produces the greatest results, so we do recommend that you take both Barre and Power Pilates classes.


How Important Is My Diet? 

In short, diet is a critical component of sustainable health and weight control.  Even the most consistent exercise regimen can easily be sabotaged by poor food choices. Moreover, the combination of exercise and proper eating is 450% move effective than exercise alone at keeping off those unwanted pounds.


Why do you require grip socks or foot wraps during class and training sessions?  

Stability, balance, and total body alignment are best achieved with barefoot training.  Grip socks provide stability, control, and ultimately a safer foundation for balance when exercising on our smooth surface.  Grip socks also provide your feet with sanitary protection. Since regular socks are slippery on our studio floors, we do not allow them.  Grip socks can be purchased at The Workout Barre or most sporting goods store or even online. We don't allow sneakers/shoes in the Barre studio for sanitary purposes.


Can I drop in for a class, or do I need a reservation?

We recommend making a reservation for class online since classes may fill to capacity.  If a class shows full online, students who arrive at the studio without a reservation will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.  




Dress Code

Please wear cropped or long pants that allow you to move easily.  Fitted yoga pants are recommended so you and your instructor can observe your form and alignment, to provide correction when necessary.  We also recommend a fitted top for the same reasons.  We do not allow shorts or tops that expose the midriff. 

We require *Grip Socks or foot wraps be worn during classes and training sessions. For sanitary reasons, shoes or bare feet are not allowed in the Barre Studio.  Grip socks are available in the studio starting at $14.99.


In The Barre Room

We encourage you to stay hydrated with water during your workout, so we recommend bringing a water bottle into the Barre Studio.  You may also bring a towel and a mat.  We do not allow purses, bags, drinks other than water, food, cell phones, other electronic devices, or anything else in the studio.  Also, we do not allow gum in the Barre Studio. Photos, videos, and any other type of recording are prohibited during The Workout Barre™ group classes. 


Personal Items 

We provide lockers and cubbies in the locker room.   Please lock up valueables.  We do not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.


Class Reservations and Wait List Procedure

Classes can fill up so we recommend making a reservation for class online.  If a class shows full online, students who arrive at the studio without a reservation will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

In the event that a class is full, our online scheduler will ask you if you would like to be placed on a waiting list.  If you choose to be on the waiting list, you will be added to a class when space becomes available up to 10 minutes prior to class and you will be automatically notified via text or email. 


When taking a waiting list spot, please know that the same cancellation policy applies after you are added. Therefore, when you are assigned a space and do not show up for class, the system will count your absence as a “no-show”, and you will be charged.  If you are on the wait list and are assigned a space in the class, but need to cancel, you must cancel before the 4-hour window of class or you will be charged the $5.00 late cancel/no show fee to the card on file. Cancellations should be done online. 

Please check your email and text messages prior to class to see if you have been moved from the waiting list to an assigned class reservation to avoid being charged for the class, if you should need to cancel.  


Cancellation Policy 

If you should need to cancel a class reservation, please do so before the 1-hour window of class. If you late cancel, which is canceling your reservation within 1-hour of class or do not show up for a class reservation, you will automatically be charged a $5.00 late cancel/no show fee to the card on file. NOTE: If you need to cancel the first class of the morning, the late cancellation policy requires that you cancel by 8PM the prior evening. Cancellations should be done online.

Late to Class Policy 

For your safety and for the consideration of the instructor and other clients, we reserve the right to not allow late entry into a class in progress. Late cancellation charges will apply.   

Leaving Class Early

If you need to leave class early please set up by the door and leave quietly.  


Equipment Care 

After class, please clean your mat with the sanitary wipes we provide.  Please put all equipment and props away neatly. 


Common Courtesy

Please be courteous to others at all times.  Please do not take a long shower or mis-use your time in the changing area. During class, please do not disrupt or disrespect other clients or your instructor. For safety reasons and consideration for the rest of the class, please do not converse during class.


Age Limitations

A participating parent or legal guardian must accompany class participants age 12 to 17. A parent or guardian will have to sign a waiver of consent on behalf of any client under the age of 18.


All Sales are Final 

Please choose wisely: All Sales are final.  We do not refund, exchange, extend, or transfer.


Exclusive Use of Classes 

We do not allow class sharing or transfers.  Only you may use the classes in your membership.  All class formats are property of Workouts For Women, Inc ™ and may not be used by any individual or entity under any circumstances without prior consent from Workouts For Women, Inc™. 




1. Hydrate before class.  Bring a water bottle to class.

2. Do not eat a heavy meal within 2 hours of class.

3. If at any time you feel light-headed, dizzy, or sick while exercising, stop immediately.  

4. Attend consistently. We want you to be successful.  

5. Accelerate your weight loss journey by adding on our Nutrition/Meal Planning service. Combining exercise and nutrition improves your success in taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds by 450% more than just exercise alone.

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