Coming This Fall!

'Clothing That Fits the Culture'
Comfortable and efficient athleisure wear that’s highly functional for the studio workout,
yet so stylish and chic that you’ll be poised to wear these pieces on the go when your workout is complete.

Clothing that fits your busy lifestyle taking you from the studio to the street with confidence.  
Unused Content:
If you dread going to the gym, and if boot camps or the like don’t appeal to you, The Workout Barre is the perfect alternative.
No… you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! 
A hybrid of Ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements,
these classes will give you the results you want while being kind to your body.