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11:26 AM

21 Day Brain Detox Plan

We just finished our study of "Who Switched Off My Brain?" by Caroline Leaf! I hope all the ladies who joined us enjoyed it as much as I did. I found a great summary of the 5 steps in detoxing your brain from myfaithfamily.com. 

We all have areas in our lives that we’d like to see change. We cannot sit back and wait to be happy and healthy and have a great life; we have to decide to make it happen. Everything we do and say starts as a thought. Romans 12:2 tells us that we can actually be transformed into a new person by changing the way we think. The 21 Day Brain Detox Plan is a deliberate, disciplined, and intentional way to take con- trol of our thoughts and change the way we think. Renewing the mind is a lifestyle, not a one- time activity, so this plan is meant to be re- peated all throughout the year. Start by tackling one negative thought that you want to change. Each day, you will work on breaking down the negative thought, while at the same time building up a healthy replacement thought. John 16:13 says that He will guide us into all truth, so let the Holy Spirit show you which area to work on first.

For more in-depth reading please refer to Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Five Step Plan: Repeating these steps daily for seven to ten minutes will eventually eliminate toxic thoughts and stabilize healthy ones.

STEP 1: GATHER (1-2 Minutes) Become aware of your environment and your thoughts.

This step is about increasing your awareness of your external environment and what you’re allowing to enter into your brain through your five senses. It also allows you to recognize the internal environment of your mind, and what’s coming out from the inside (i.e. your attitude).

How to do it:
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What am I experiencing through my five senses right now?
  • What thoughts are bubbling up in my mind?
  • What is the attitude behind those thoughts?
  • What feelings do those thoughts generate in both my body and mind? (peace, worry, tense muscles, comfort, stress, heart pounding, adrenaline rush, ect.)
  • Do I feel dominated by the feeling that have risen from these thoughts? Do they make me feel like a victim or a victor?
  • Do I want these feelings and thoughts to be a permanent part of me?
  • When you identify the negative thought, immediately and prayerfully think of the replacement thought. (i.e. a scripture that applies to the situation)

STEP 2: FOCUSED REFLECTION (1-2 Minutes) Go deep with your thinking.

This step is about catching your thoughts and entering into directed rest and disciplined thinking. You can choose to accept or reject any thought that comes to you. Healthy and toxic thoughts are both built by rehearsing them in your mind. The deeper you think, the more you change the landscape of your brain. This deep intellectual process can help you come up with your own answers.

How to do it:
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Specifically focus on one thought.
  • Control your attention and prevent chaotic thoughts from moving through your mind.
  • Be aware of your body, emotions, and sense of self as you do this.
  • Integrate healthy thoughts by reflecting on the positive, not just dwelling on the negative.
  • Mentally rehearse the positive thought in your mind. It becomes stronger each time you do.

STEP 3: WRITE (1-2 Minutes) Put your brain on paper.

Writing consolidates your thoughts and adds clarity to what you’ve been thinking about. It helps you to visualize the area that needs to be detoxed.

How to do it:
  • Keep a thought journal.
  • Pour out the impressions in your mind on the page. Don't worry about sorting them out.
  • Be creative with it. Don't just limit yourself to writing in straight lines. Draw pictures or diagrams. Group words together. Add color and texture.
  • Add more information by writing out the positive alongside the negative.

STEP 4: REVISIT (1-2 Minutes) Create the change you want.

This is an exciting, progressive, “moving for- ward” step that allows you to evaluate where you have been and where you are going. This is where you will redesign, reorganize, and recreate the specific thought you have been working on.

How to do it:
  • Look at how you have been dealing with your circumstances. Think through your reactions again. Are there areas that are still negative? What is a possible solution? How can you re- organize or redesign those thoughts to get where you want to be?
  • Visualize what you want the end result to be.
  • Don't try to get there all at once. Take it one day at a time.

STEP 5: ACTIVE REACH (1-2 Minutes) Do something.

This step requires you to reach beyond where you currently are. It allows you to practice the new healthy thought until it be- comes automatic, like a good habit. It helps you line up your thoughts with your actions and the words coming out of your mouth. This is the most challenging and fun part of the plan because it includes exercises that you will do throughout the day. You decide what the exercises are.

How to do it:
  • Find an action (something you will say and/or do) that will help reinforce the healthy thought you have been working on to replace the toxic thought. 
  • It's always helpful to quote a verse of scripture that applies to your situation. 

For example:
  • If you are trying to replace a negative thought of regret, you might choose to say, "I am putting this behind me," and visualize the situation disappearing in a puff of smoke. Then finish by quoting a verse that applies.
  • If you keep trying to change the past by replaying scenarios in your head, you might choose to say, “I am switching off that movie,” and act as if you’re doing it. Then finish by quoting a verse that applies.
  • Other exercises might include simply smiling or laughing out loud, sitting up straight while visualizing yourself confident and strong, or reaching out your arms while imagining yourself receiving specific healing or provision from God.


Many people tend to quit by Day 4 or 5 and the healthy thought they have been working on is forgotten. Resist the temptation to give up! Keep going! You’re worth it!

Peak changes are happening by Days 7 and 14. The repetition is causing your new healthy thought to become a long term memory.

By Day 21, you have begun to integrate your new healthy thought into your lifestyle. By repeating the 21 Day cycle two or three more times, your healthy thought will become a healthy habit and prevent the negative thought from coming back.

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9:27 AM

April Challenge - A Few Healthy Eating Tools

Gearing up for our April Challenge at The Workout Barre! Short on time? Use these great resources to set yourself up for success!

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Personalize your meal plans and have a shopping list automatically created with Real Plans

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Join us for our April Challenge!

April Challenge is back

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Ladies, you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Ladies, you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated. Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! This is not a place where we compare ourselves and compete against each other, but this is the place where women encourage each other and motivate each other physically and spiritually, in a beautiful atmosphere. The classes never gets easier… but you keep getting stronger. Book your first class now at www.theworkoutbarre.com 832-761-0688 Spring, Texas

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Neutral Spine VS. ‘Tuck’

Working in a neutral spine with a neutral pelvis is the safest alignment when working at the Barre. This posture distributes weight correctly over the body resulting in an effective and injury free workout. A tucked pelvic alignment is associated with poor posture, back pain and inefficient movement patterns. It’s a common cue in some Barre studios, but it de-stabilizes and restricts correct abdominal muscle engagement. This position also over-taxes the hip flexors and other muscles of the pelvic region Having been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, I’m shocked at how many barre instructors are credentialed with just being a former dancer or cheerleader and who have not been trained in basic biomechanics, kinesiology, and anatomy, therefore lacking the knowledge of what safe movement is. Many instructors are merely required to memorize routines during crash-course training. My message to clients is to be sure your instructor has been properly educated and trained, or anticipate injuries that will age you out of Barre, rather than building the stronger and more functional body that you are working to achieve. 
 Proper form during exercise maximizes the moves you do by strengthening your body and by protecting both younger women and mature women from injuries. Watch this video to learn how to properly achieve the Neutral Spine position.

Joni Hyde
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You Can Do it Too!

... women encourage each other and motivate each other physically and spiritually Read More

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Ladies, Want to Know How You Can Get Back in Shape Without Dreading Exercise ?

It doesn’t take beating your body up lifting super heavy weights or pounding your way through boot camp. Read More

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Unique - Top-Notch Instruction

Our instructors offer unique effective routines within The Workout Barre format utilizing their years of well-rounded experience in the fitness and dance industries. Unlike a franchise studio, The Workout Barre’s instructors present you with a fresh barre experience in every class rather than delivering limited dictated routines which don’t challenge the body enough to promote progressive change.

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Unique - Variety in Your Barre Experience

Unlike the Barre franchises, The Workout Barre stands apart by offering a unique variety of Barre formats giving you a well-rounded exercise experience in one studio.

All of our classes are appropriate for all fitness levels and offer modifications.

Open Barre™ - the benchmark Barre class which works virtually every stabilizer muscle in your body which may have been dormant for years. Increases balance, flexibility & confidence. 

Cardio Endurance Barre™ - incorporates larger range of motion moves & three cardio segments, which together, keep the fat-burning aerobic furnace of your body on to burn those calories.

Barrelates™ - incorporates the floor work elements of Barre working the glutes, thighs, and hips with Pilates moves and a major focus on the core, balance, and flexibility.

HIIT The Barre Express™ - blended elements of Barre & High Intensity Interval Training in a 30-minute class to boost your heart rate, increase your cardiovascular fitness, and burn fat like no other.

Barre Defined™ - deep toning exercises at the Barre with resistance tubing and bands that provide extra opposition, producing a progressive challenge that will continue improving your muscle tone and strength. 

What are you waiting for? Schedule your first unique experience now! theworkoutbarre.com

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Unique - Barre in a Different Way

The Workout Barre is defined by ‘Barre in a Different Way’. Franchise classes are made for the masses. The Workout Barre ventures beyond the status quo because we have a passion to listen to our clients and continually improve our distinct brand to fit the clients' unique personality and specific requests.

If you still haven't tried your first Barre class, sign up at theworkoutbarre.com