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Radio Interview with Joni Hyde, Owner of The Workout Barre

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Christopher: Welcome back to Empire Radio. This is "The Professional's Roundtable." I am your host, Christopher Celery, and at the Roundtable right now I have the studio-owner of The Workout Barre. She's also an author and choreographer of "Workouts for Women" fitness manuals and DVDs. From Spring, Texas, let's welcome Joni Hyde to the Roundtable. Joni, welcome to the Roundtable, thank you for accepting our invitation to be here and for coming with us live on the radio.

Joni: Thank you. I'm happy to be here with you.

Christopher: So, why don't you start us off and tell us a little about who you are and what you do?

Joni: Well, I'm Joni Hyde, I am a homeschool mom and fitness professional and I'm the studio-owner of The Workout Barre here in Springs.

Christopher: Alrighty, now barre seems to be growing quickly in popularity, so just what is it?

Joni: Okay, good question. Barre is a hybrid of ballet, Pilates, and modern exercise movements all merged together, and at The Workout Barre, we present barre in a group fitness class that's choreographed to music. And barre has been around for decades, but here in the United States, only about 5% of women who exercise actually even know what barre is. So, that's an interesting fact. But barre is traced back to the '30's, a woman named Lotte Berk, a dancer, she fled Germany and she experienced significant back injuries so she collaborated with orthopedic physicians and together they came up with this rehabilitative therapy and that became the most primitive form of barre. And upon that approach, we founded The Workout Barre.

Christopher: Alrighty, now how is the atmosphere at Workout Barre different from that of a traditional gym?

Joni: Oh, it's very different. We're nothing like a gym. Actually, we're a small 2,500 square foot studio. We have a locker room, a shower, a changing room, and our main studio, where we have the group fitness classes, and we also have one private room for personal barre sessions. But the main differences are that the smaller size creates an atmosphere where we're able to give really attentive service to our clients and it's an atmosphere where our clients could accomplish impressive results without feeling like they're being watched or judged. And they also create a community atmosphere here because they're with supportive, like-minded women and they see each other several times a week. So, it's a really nice place where women come together and they encourage each other and motivate each other.  

Christopher: Alrighty, now what type of clientele is attracted to your studio and who is barre appropriate for?

Joni: Okay, well, we've got clients of all ages. We have young women in their teens, and mature women up into their 70s, some ladies who just started exercising and some who are recovering from an injury or have a chronic injury, some who are very fit, and we even have pregnant clients. So, virtually anyone can do barre. But, you know, there are several different scenarios that I see over and over with women who come for the first time. And a lot of them say they haven't worked out in a long time and they're self-conscious about working out in front of others. Some say they just, you know, dread going to the gym, they dread that atmosphere and they're looking for something different. And some have been injured from high-impact exercise and they're looking for something that's gentle on their body. And one thing that concerns a lot of people is they come and they say, "Gosh, do I have to have dance experience? Do I have to be really coordinated?" And the answer's, "No, you don't need any dance experience or exceptional coordination to participate." So, for the most part, women have similar goals. They want to strengthen their core, they want more definition, and they want to get to their ideal weight, but they're concerned about not getting injured in the process.

Christopher: Alrighty, so tell me about the variety of classes that The Workout Barre offers.

Joni: Well, it's important to have variety in the exercise program because that prevents injury. So, I designed our class menu to offer several unique class formats. So, women can cross-train their bodies within one studio and our typical class is 60 minutes long, although we do offer some express classes, too. All of our classes incorporate that mind-body connection which you've probably heard of, and basically what that means is that you have to focus on what you're doing and not just mindlessly move around. And focusing in on exercise actually benefits you a lot more than just moving through the movements. And it benefits you physically as well as mentally because when you're really focusing, the distractions of the day are blocked out in that hour. So, it gives you a lot of stress relief. And currently, we offer five class formats. We have Open Barre, which is our benchmark class, and all our other classes are offshoots of open barre. We have Cardio-endurance Barre, which incorporates larger range of motion moves and cardio segments so you get more of an aerobic workout. We've got a class called Barre-Lattes, which is a varying class that we created that utilizes some floor work elements of open barre and it's got a heavy Pilates flair to it, focusing on the core. We've got high-intensity training class that blends elements of Open Barre and we do 20 minutes of high-intensity cardiovascular training. And the beauty of that class format is that it increases your cardiovascular fitness more consistently than a one-hour cardio workout. Another class we have is called Barre Defined, and in this class, we use the added resistance of exercise bands, and that focuses on strengthening and sculpting. But my favorite service is called Personal Barre, and that's a one-on-one session that I have. And it's a one-time session and it's the most valuable 60-minute investment that a client can make for themselves at The Workout Barre. And basically, it gives me an opportunity to know the client and it's not a class, an exercise class, but it's a learning session that I spend focusing on teaching the client everything they need to know in order to maximize their benefits in class and give them an understanding of why they're doing what they're doing. And, you know, in general, I find that, in life, when people understand why they're doing something, they're better able to execute it than when they're simply being told to do something with no explanation of why.

Christopher: Alrighty, and what's unique about the results that women get from the classes at The Workout Barre?

Joni: It's unique because...I'll tell you, a huge shortcoming of a lot of commercial fitness facilities is the lack of focus on strengthening the core, increasing balance and flexibility, so those are our main focuses at The Workout Barre. And talking about the core, all of our class formats include a heavy focus on the core, which is our bodies' natural corset. And it takes a lot of mental focus to really engage the core, and so we teach that so our clients understand how to get that result. And, regarding balance, barre is very different because unlike sitting on an exercise machine or using a Pilates Reformer to balance on, you have the barre to utilize for stability, and that, you know, gives you far less balance and it causes you to have to activate your stabilizing muscles, which pretty much lie dormant during most conventional exercise. And incorporating those smaller muscles increases overall balance, which is very critical as we age. Another thing is a major focus on stretching, and that's incorporated into all of our classes because you're doing a lot of engaging the muscles and it's very important that you get that flexibility, too, so that you're balanced. So, the workouts that you get here are very balanced and you get that core focus and that balance and flexibility.

Christopher: Alrighty. Well, Joni, it's been great having you on the show toady. We're gonna send everybody off to your website, which is www.theworkoutbarre.com, the workoutB-A-R-R-E.com. You can also send an email to joni@theworkoutbarre.com, it is the same spelling, or you can give them a call directly, (832) 761-0688, once again (832) 761-0688. Joni, like I said, it was great having you on the show today. Thank you so much.

Joni: Thank you.

Christopher: Absolutely.

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Joni Hyde
12:40 PM

Neutral Spine vs. Tuck

This is Joni Hyde from The Workout Barre and I want to talk to you about neutral spine and why it's so important to understand what that means and how to perform it at the barre.

I'm gonna face forward, and first, I want you to take a look at my natural spine. You'll see I have a curve, and everyone has a natural curve in their spine, and it varies depending on your body type. And I'm going to just come up to a relevé. That's up on my toes, I'm going to bend my knees, and I'm going to stay in that natural spine for just a moment so you can see what that looks like. I have a curve in my back.

Now, what I'm gonna do to get into a neutral spine is I'm going to simply engage my transverse abdominis, that's that natural corset that we have around our body and it's the deepest inside muscle in our core. So I'm gonna engage it, I'm going to tighten up my corset, and that naturally brings my tailbone down just a bit, but then I need to get a little bit straighter to get in my neutral spine. Now, my tailbone is pointing straight down. It's like I'm moving up and down against a flat wall. I've got a little bit of what appears to be an arch, but that's my neutral spine. And the way I know it for sure is I could feel the weight is now over my thighs, rather than in my knees, when I'm in that natural spine, so it completely changes that. 

One thing you want to avoid is a lot of barre instructors will tell you tuck, and it's extremely dangerous on the back. When I tuck forward, it actually causes kyphosis of the back and it puts on your weight on the knees, and it's also very bad on the hip flexors. So this position is dangerous and you want to avoid it. You want to just aim for that neutral.

I'll demonstrate again with a squat. I'm going to face the barre again, I'm gonna pull back into a squat. And as you see, I'm in my natural spine. So again, first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna engage that transverse abdominis, and pull that corset in nice and tight, and it straightens my back out. And now I'm gonna just move a little bit forward with my pelvis so that my back is straight and my pelvis is pointing straight down. So now, when I move up and down, it's as if I'm moving up and down an imaginary wall. 

Again, that tuck pulls me even further forward and my low back looks very natural. It hurts, and also the weight is on my knees. So avoid the tuck. Go for the neutral spine when you're at the barre and you'll get the safest and most effective workout.

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Joni Hyde
10:07 AM

What Makes The Workout Barre Unique?

Get the Results You Want While Being Kind to Your Body

"My entire life I have been a fitness professional working with women. In my studio, I offer unique variety of barre class formats and bring women together in a positive environment. Because proper form is so critical, I take the time to thoroughly train my instructors so you can be sure you're not being instructed by someone who just went through a four-day crash course training. We don't offer the same cookie cutter class over and over because to achieve great results and stay injury-free, our bodies need variety in exercise. 

Open Barre is our benchmark barre class from which all the other class formats stem. You don't need any dance experience and you could do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated. 

Cardio Endurance Barre incorporates large range of motion moves in three cardio segments so you get more aerobic work in this class. 

Barrelates is a very unique class utilizing the floor work elements of open barre, working the glutes, thighs, and hips, but it has more of a Pilates-like flair, with a heavier focus on the core.

HIIT The Barre Express blends elements of Open Barre and high-intensity interval training, burns calories and increases your cardiovascular fitness more efficiently than a one-hour cardio workout. 

Barre Defined is made up of deep muscle toning exercises at the barre with the added resistance of exercise bands focusing on strengthening and sculpting your body.

Personal Barre is the most valuable 60-minute investment you can make for yourself at The Workout Barre. I teach you proper form, safe postures, and basic modifications for your unique situation, so you can get the most out of every class in The Workout Barre.

This is a not a place where we compare ourselves or compete against each other. But this is the place where women encourage each other and motivate each other physically and spiritually in a beautiful atmosphere. The classes never get easier, but you just keep getting stronger. 

Now that you know about us, you have no excuse. Go to our website, find a class that fits your schedule, and book it." (Joni Hyde, Owner of The Workout Barre)

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Joni Hyde
11:26 AM

21 Day Brain Detox Plan

We just finished our study of "Who Switched Off My Brain?" by Caroline Leaf! I hope all the ladies who joined us enjoyed it as much as I did. I found a great summary of the 5 steps in detoxing your brain from myfaithfamily.com. 

We all have areas in our lives that we’d like to see change. We cannot sit back and wait to be happy and healthy and have a great life; we have to decide to make it happen. Everything we do and say starts as a thought. Romans 12:2 tells us that we can actually be transformed into a new person by changing the way we think. The 21 Day Brain Detox Plan is a deliberate, disciplined, and intentional way to take con- trol of our thoughts and change the way we think. Renewing the mind is a lifestyle, not a one- time activity, so this plan is meant to be re- peated all throughout the year. Start by tackling one negative thought that you want to change. Each day, you will work on breaking down the negative thought, while at the same time building up a healthy replacement thought. John 16:13 says that He will guide us into all truth, so let the Holy Spirit show you which area to work on first.

For more in-depth reading please refer to Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Five Step Plan: Repeating these steps daily for seven to ten minutes will eventually eliminate toxic thoughts and stabilize healthy ones.

STEP 1: GATHER (1-2 Minutes) Become aware of your environment and your thoughts.

This step is about increasing your awareness of your external environment and what you’re allowing to enter into your brain through your five senses. It also allows you to recognize the internal environment of your mind, and what’s coming out from the inside (i.e. your attitude).

How to do it:
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What am I experiencing through my five senses right now?
  • What thoughts are bubbling up in my mind?
  • What is the attitude behind those thoughts?
  • What feelings do those thoughts generate in both my body and mind? (peace, worry, tense muscles, comfort, stress, heart pounding, adrenaline rush, ect.)
  • Do I feel dominated by the feeling that have risen from these thoughts? Do they make me feel like a victim or a victor?
  • Do I want these feelings and thoughts to be a permanent part of me?
  • When you identify the negative thought, immediately and prayerfully think of the replacement thought. (i.e. a scripture that applies to the situation)

STEP 2: FOCUSED REFLECTION (1-2 Minutes) Go deep with your thinking.

This step is about catching your thoughts and entering into directed rest and disciplined thinking. You can choose to accept or reject any thought that comes to you. Healthy and toxic thoughts are both built by rehearsing them in your mind. The deeper you think, the more you change the landscape of your brain. This deep intellectual process can help you come up with your own answers.

How to do it:
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Specifically focus on one thought.
  • Control your attention and prevent chaotic thoughts from moving through your mind.
  • Be aware of your body, emotions, and sense of self as you do this.
  • Integrate healthy thoughts by reflecting on the positive, not just dwelling on the negative.
  • Mentally rehearse the positive thought in your mind. It becomes stronger each time you do.

STEP 3: WRITE (1-2 Minutes) Put your brain on paper.

Writing consolidates your thoughts and adds clarity to what you’ve been thinking about. It helps you to visualize the area that needs to be detoxed.

How to do it:
  • Keep a thought journal.
  • Pour out the impressions in your mind on the page. Don't worry about sorting them out.
  • Be creative with it. Don't just limit yourself to writing in straight lines. Draw pictures or diagrams. Group words together. Add color and texture.
  • Add more information by writing out the positive alongside the negative.

STEP 4: REVISIT (1-2 Minutes) Create the change you want.

This is an exciting, progressive, “moving for- ward” step that allows you to evaluate where you have been and where you are going. This is where you will redesign, reorganize, and recreate the specific thought you have been working on.

How to do it:
  • Look at how you have been dealing with your circumstances. Think through your reactions again. Are there areas that are still negative? What is a possible solution? How can you re- organize or redesign those thoughts to get where you want to be?
  • Visualize what you want the end result to be.
  • Don't try to get there all at once. Take it one day at a time.

STEP 5: ACTIVE REACH (1-2 Minutes) Do something.

This step requires you to reach beyond where you currently are. It allows you to practice the new healthy thought until it be- comes automatic, like a good habit. It helps you line up your thoughts with your actions and the words coming out of your mouth. This is the most challenging and fun part of the plan because it includes exercises that you will do throughout the day. You decide what the exercises are.

How to do it:
  • Find an action (something you will say and/or do) that will help reinforce the healthy thought you have been working on to replace the toxic thought. 
  • It's always helpful to quote a verse of scripture that applies to your situation. 

For example:
  • If you are trying to replace a negative thought of regret, you might choose to say, "I am putting this behind me," and visualize the situation disappearing in a puff of smoke. Then finish by quoting a verse that applies.
  • If you keep trying to change the past by replaying scenarios in your head, you might choose to say, “I am switching off that movie,” and act as if you’re doing it. Then finish by quoting a verse that applies.
  • Other exercises might include simply smiling or laughing out loud, sitting up straight while visualizing yourself confident and strong, or reaching out your arms while imagining yourself receiving specific healing or provision from God.


Many people tend to quit by Day 4 or 5 and the healthy thought they have been working on is forgotten. Resist the temptation to give up! Keep going! You’re worth it!

Peak changes are happening by Days 7 and 14. The repetition is causing your new healthy thought to become a long term memory.

By Day 21, you have begun to integrate your new healthy thought into your lifestyle. By repeating the 21 Day cycle two or three more times, your healthy thought will become a healthy habit and prevent the negative thought from coming back.

Joni Hyde
9:27 AM

April Challenge - A Few Healthy Eating Tools

Gearing up for our April Challenge at The Workout Barre! Short on time? Use these great resources to set yourself up for success!

Order groceries with home delivery with Shipt! https://www.shipt.com/groceries/?r=C3857D

Order harder to find Organic and Non-GMO products from Thrive http://go.thrv.me/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=17260

Personalize your meal plans and have a shopping list automatically created with Real Plans

Joni Hyde
12:05 PM

Join us for our April Challenge!

April Challenge is back

Joni Hyde
7:24 AM

Ladies, you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated.

Ladies, you don’t need any dance experience and you can do this even if you claim to be uncoordinated. Whether you’re in your teens or up to your 70’s, The Workout Barre is for you! This is not a place where we compare ourselves and compete against each other, but this is the place where women encourage each other and motivate each other physically and spiritually, in a beautiful atmosphere. The classes never gets easier… but you keep getting stronger. Book your first class now at www.theworkoutbarre.com 832-761-0688 Spring, Texas

Joni Hyde
4:54 PM

Neutral Spine VS. ‘Tuck’

Working in a neutral spine with a neutral pelvis is the safest alignment when working at the Barre. This posture distributes weight correctly over the body resulting in an effective and injury free workout. A tucked pelvic alignment is associated with poor posture, back pain and inefficient movement patterns. It’s a common cue in some Barre studios, but it de-stabilizes and restricts correct abdominal muscle engagement. This position also over-taxes the hip flexors and other muscles of the pelvic region Having been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, I’m shocked at how many barre instructors are credentialed with just being a former dancer or cheerleader and who have not been trained in basic biomechanics, kinesiology, and anatomy, therefore lacking the knowledge of what safe movement is. Many instructors are merely required to memorize routines during crash-course training. My message to clients is to be sure your instructor has been properly educated and trained, or anticipate injuries that will age you out of Barre, rather than building the stronger and more functional body that you are working to achieve. 
 Proper form during exercise maximizes the moves you do by strengthening your body and by protecting both younger women and mature women from injuries. Watch this video to learn how to properly achieve the Neutral Spine position.

Joni Hyde
6:01 PM

You Can Do it Too!

... women encourage each other and motivate each other physically and spiritually Read More

Joni Hyde
5:12 PM

Ladies, Want to Know How You Can Get Back in Shape Without Dreading Exercise ?

It doesn’t take beating your body up lifting super heavy weights or pounding your way through boot camp. Read More