Power Mat Pilates™ w/ Kim Walker

This class is taught by:

The Workout Barre Team

The mission of The Workout Barre is to enhance women's lives, by delivering a consistently high-quality workout combined with personal touch instruction using our non-impact yet powerful Barre group fitness classes.
We believe in the importance of our staff’s dedication to the personal health and fitness of every woman who walks into our studio. At The Workout Barre, we empower our clients by assisting them in achieving positive life changes for years to come, increasing their endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.
We believe in the positive effects of camaraderie. At The Workout Barre our desire is to create a community that is friendly and inviting to all women regardless of their current fitness level.

Melanie Kaplan

Assistant Manager

Melanie’s fitness career began ten years ago. Her love for dance first drew her toward teaching Dance Fusion and Zumba.
After experiencing a hip injury caused by running, Melanie shifted her teaching focus toward lower impact forms of training that would still provide her with cross training benefits and lower body strength, but without the risk of injury.
Melanie holds specialty certifications in Booty Barre and Piyo, just to name a few. Additionally, Melanie is a Level 1 Nutrition Coach, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and a Certified Personal Trainer. She specializes in individualizing training programs with her focus on incorporating an appropriate balance of cardio and strength training components.
A dedicated fitness professional, Melanie still keeps her priorities in order always putting God and her family first. When she is not spending time with her husband, chasing around her three young children, or working, Melanie enjoys focusing on her personal goals, training for local runs and triathlons.
Melanie is the picture of a healthy lifestyle, with a pleasant and patient personality, and always sensitive to the needs of her clients. She finds great joy in helping women find a healthy way of living that suits their particular lifestyle. When asked about her fitness career, Melanie replied, “I’m blessed with the opportunity to do something I truly love. It’s my passion to help women achieve their goals through fitness and nutrition. Seeing smiles on their faces when client’s goals are reached is thrilling to me.”

Kim Walker

Kim Walker has been in fitness for 35 years. Her many certifications include: AFAA Mat Science I and II , Power House Pilates Reformer I and II, Power house Pilates Small Props (roller Magic circle, stability ball), Power House Mat Pilates 1 and II , Balanced Body Pilates Tower, Exo Chair, Arc and Piyo, and Balletone.

Kara Bruegger

Prior to Kara’s fitness ambitions taking over, she graduated from Sam Houston State University with a double major in Finance and Banking. Kara spent just a few years behind a desk, when she realized the need to refocus and pursue her desire to motivate and support women in the area of health and physical fitness.
Kara is an experienced STOTT certified Pilates instructor, with specialty training in posture analysis. She is also certified in Booty Barre, PiYo, and is a Level 1 Nutrition Coach.
Kara's sweet spirit creates a warm and encouraging atmosphere for her clients, and her fun personality is both motivating and contagious.  Kara is thrilled to be part of The Workout Barre and we are blessed to have her on our team. She is looking forward to assisting you in achieving your health and fitness goals.

Svetlana Munoz

Svety has always lead an active lifestyle and has an extensive background in movement, with over 24 years experience in performance/dance and 10 years in choreography. Svety is an extremely accomplished dancer who has competed and won numerous competitions. She was a back up dancer for a distinguished modern Russian ballet group and Back-up Dancer Captain for a Cruise Line for 5 years.
Svety shares, “It was a natural fit for me to pursue my passion and become a Group Fitness Instructor.” She has now been a group fitness instructor for 6 years and is certified through ACE and AFAA. Most recently, Svety has completed training in The Workout Barre formula and has become a fabulous addition to The Workout Barre team of instructors.
Although you will spend the majority of time on your mat, don’t let that fool you into thinking this class will be a walk in the park.  Kim takes you through a powerful low impact core-firming, muscle sculpting, total body workout. You'll maximize results by engaging stabilizer muscles that are overlooked in traditional fitness classes and weight training.